New York’s indie pop-rock band HOAX have unveiled their new single ‘You Get So Alone Sometimes’. The single is a vibrant example of their acclaimed ‘empathy pop’ sound, which has been causing a stir in the industry and garnering praise for its unique fusion of vintage and modern elements and genre-blending abilities.

HOAX shares, “We had a very specific mood we were going for with this song. I started thinking of it as the empathy of loneliness. It's like a feeling of understanding what it means to be lonely and being okay with it, not okay in the sense of hopefulness - like “Oh don’t worry! It will be better in the future”, but more like reconciling with loneliness as a true mark of feeling and being human. We feel alone because we know what it feels like to feel together with others. One can not exist without the other. And if one did not exist the other feeling would not be as visceral (lonely vs. togetherness).”

The production of the track truly captures the raw essence of the song, using the duo’s voice memos from their phone. The emptiness of the voice memo really creates the image of someone being alone, just wanting to let go of all their emotions. In fact the ideology of creating vision through sound is something very important to the band, “That has been something that we’ve been obsessed with on this album: visualization. Being able to create a mood sonically and then allowing that mood to create images while the lyrics tell the story." This attention to detail is evident throughout the entire track, both sonically and thematically, with somber tones even the instruments emitting a weeping sound.

‘You Get So Alone Sometimes’ is off of the duo’s upcoming full-length.

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