Label: Virgin Release date: (14/09/09) Website: With another well crafted song from their record Mind Chaos, Oregon’s sons provide more palatable pop punch for the senses and the buzz around this band may be worth taking note of. In keeping with previous release ‘Too Fake’, the smokey, gravely vocals and the electro tinged dance beats are a familiar sound, but in the saturated indie scene it’s all about the hooks. The hopeful lyrics and the band’s surging delivery make it decent listen and once familiar with the inclusive ‘Woo’s’ and ‘Ooh’s’ it’s difficult to keep yourself quiet. It follows the ‘perfect pop song’ guidebook to a tee; punchy guitars, devilishly catchy hooks and synth powered anthemic chorus that wouldn't sound out of place over the ending credits of a John Hughes film. Not particularly stretching to compete with lyrical content of wordsmiths past, but show me a contemporary pop song that does. With beautifully empty phrases like 'this is small time music this is big time music' your brain isn’t require to think, just to enjoy. Expect to hear it infiltrating your commercial watching in the near future, if not already. Rating: 3/10