If you follow my writing on here (Hi, Mom!) then you'll probably know that I have been pretty big on Hockey Dad for quite some time now. I plugged the group's then-unannounced debut LP as one of the most anticipated of 2016 back in December 2015. When Boronia was finally announced in April, my only gripe was that I had to wait until August to hear it. But here we finally are.

For those just checking out the group, this is a surf rock duo from Australia. Zach Stephenson handles the guitar and vocals, while Billy Fleming handles duties behind the kit. They like surfing, girls and hanging out with one another. On an intellectual level, there really is not much more to know or consider when diving into Boronia.

But where the album really grips the listener is in that one part of the soul where we all wish the youthful good times could never end. Boronia seems to exist in a fantasy world where school, jobs and being apart from your best friend are concerns that never come up. But while so many bands of this stripe attempt to convince you that they live in a similar brand of non-reality, Hockey Dad never really seem to be putting on a schtick. It really seems like the most important thing to these two dudes is feeling good and having fun with each other.

The latter point is illustrated near the end of the record with an almost tear-jerking level of sweetness on 'Two Forever.' Choosing to slow things down for a few minutes, Stephenson seemingly wraps his arm around Fleming as he sings him a ballad about how much their friendship means to him. The world is in incredibly short supply of love songs about best friends and 'Two Forever' fills that void wonderfully. It does not hurt that is also an almost obscenely pleasant listen.

Elsewhere on the record, things are a little more straightforward. Stephenson certainly has his eyes on female companionship (see: 'So Tired,' 'Hunny Bunny,' 'I Need A Woman,' 'Laura' or basically the majority of the album) and the not unfamiliar desire to never really grow up. But even so, Stephenson's charmingly Muppety voice, the instantly memorable guitar hooks and Fleming's unrelenting passion on the drums (where can almost hear him sloshing his long blonde locks) make the whole record go down like a ice cold lemonade on a hot summer afternoon.

Boronia isn't going to change the course of music history, but it could just make a night of yours a little sweeter. That's a damn good deal in my book.