As it turns out, Eric Erlandson, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Patty Schemel weren't too happy when Courtney Love 'confirmed' Hole's classic Celebrity Skin line-up were getting back together last week

"We may have made out but there is no talk of marriage," she says of her band's actual reunion status in a new interview with the Telegraph, "It's very frail, nothing might happen, and now the band are all flipping out with me."

Whether her actions have killed the reunion, or whether it's just a slight bump in the road is unclear at this point, but she's certainly doesn't seem apologetic in the full interview, and even takes a moment to indulge in one of her favourite pastimes, taking shots at the Foo Fighters: "I can't just do a really good rock record and that's the end of it. I can't be Nickelback. And not to be a b****, I can't be the Foo Fighters." Despite her comments, Love is expected to appear alongside Dave Grohl this weekend to accept Kurt Cobain's award when Nirvana are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so that will probably be a little awkward.

But that's not the only way she's planning on honouring her late husband legacy. She wants to turn his life into a Broadway musical: "It's more a play, conceived by a brilliant team. I can't name names, but when you hear who is possibly involved, it takes on a new dimension. Otherwise it's Vegas rubbish, and I will never allow it. There will be no jazz hands on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'!". That will probably be a little awkward too.

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