Holly Herndon's Movement is the debut offering of material by the young musician, modernist, and machinist. Herndon states that "movement is a test chamber that hybridizes her modern composition training and undying devotion to club music" having learned techno music as party dweller and performer.

She is unapologetic about using a machine as her primary instrument with her debut incorporating themes of presence and physicality/flus and futurity.

"The laptop is the most intimate instrument we have at our disposal, engaging and absorbing our confessions and inspirations" says Herndon. "Its influence has both devastated and invigorated music as we know it. We've only just begun unlocking the possibilities at our fingertips. Those possibilities are what I work towards and against."

Herndon make her debut New York City appearance alongside Polish electroacoustic composer Jacaszek at Roulette on September 6th. She also plays the Unsound music festival in Krakow, Poland alongside Evian Christ, Emptyset, Factory Floor, and Shed on October 18th.

Holly Herndon's Movement will be released on November 13th, 2012 on RVNG Intl. in limited edition LP, CD, and digital formats.



1. Terminal 

  • 2. Fade
  • 3. Breathe 

  • 4. Control And 

  • 5. Movement 

  • 6. Interlude 

  • 7. Dilato