Sónar+D is the Barcelona-based sister conference to Sónar, the now international music festival, and runs from 18th to 20th June. Essentially, it will explore the relationships between creativity and technology via a series of talks and interviews, taking place parallel to the Sónar by Day festival.

Amongst these events Holly Herndon will be interviewed regarding her approach to creating music, highlighting her use of software in the creative process, too; Voices From The Lake will discuss their live setup.

The Sónar+D site describes the festival as an "international conference organized by Sónar that covers the digital transformation of the creative industry to develop and strengthen talent, exchange knowledge and establish business opportunities."

Technology companies including Pinterest and Kickstarter will also have a presence at the three day tech 'n' music extravaganza, with appearances from Richard Russell of XL Recordings and a workshop by Jordi Borras (lead designer for electronic module company littleBits) as well as a start-up contest and much more packed into the proceedings.

Check the Sónar+D site for tickets.

If you're still confused as to what Sónar+D is exactly, there's more information here. You can also watch the video below.