Earlier today we brought you one end of the Tri Angle Records spectrum in the form of our AlunaGeorge EP review, and now we head in the opposite direction with Holy Other and his latest track, 'Love Some1'.

The rumbling gloom that is presented on this track is nothing short of breathtaking. It's almost as if he's strangling the very essence out of the track, with the screwed vocals screaming out for help.

Today's word of the day is 'foreboding'.


The track is taken from his debut album, Held, which will be released on August 28th.

  • 1. (W)here
  • 2. Tense Past
  • 3. Impouring
  • 4. Love Some1
  • 5. U Now
  • 6. In Difference
  • 7. Past Tension
  • 8. Held
  • 9. Nothing Here