Ask a hundred artists what their favourite aspect of touring is, and it's doubtful that dealing with temperamental modes of transport is up there with say, a sushi platter from Marks & Spencer on the side of a motorway after a successful show. Yet, it's an important rite of passage (for some, that passage is long), and one Holy Sons' Emil Amos seems comfortable with. But perhaps that's the power of music at play? A musician leaning on the music of others to deal with the pain of an overheated engine? Whilst we ponder that for a few moments, why don't you give his playlist a listen?

"Our tour van is currently overheating in Florida while we're hauling ass to get over to New Orleans in time to play tonight. It's been a harrowing trek that could only be rivalled by the trucks transporting dynamite in William Friedkin's 'The Sorcerer'. Some divine force has sent down two strangers to save us so far. Two southern mechanics who materialized out of the wilderness... Ronnie and Ricky. They both removed the radiator cap when the engine was at it's hottest, and were sprayed with chemicals upon their faces and various extremities. Stopping every hour to dump jugs of water on the engine, we were psychologically rescued by these songs which made our predicament feel like a bizarre hyper-color seventies film ala' The Hired Hand. After this brief victory lap in New Orleans tonight we'll still need your thoughts and more divine strangers to appear to help get us through the next 8 shows... Pray for us!"


  • 1. Tom Rush - 'No Regards'
  • 2. Emitt Rhodes - 'Love Will Stone You'
  • 3. Mick Ronson - 'Only After Dark'
  • 4. David Bowie & Friends - 'Bombers'
  • 5. Woo - 'Hopi'
  • 6. Robert Lester Folsom - 'Spanish Lady'
  • 7. Moon Pool & Dead Band - 'MEQ'
  • 8. Kaleidoscope - 'Keep Your Mind Open'
  • 9. John Cale - 'Barracuda'
  • 10. Tangerine Dream - 'Poland'

Holy Sons' forthcoming new album, Fall of Man, is out on November 13th via Thrill Jokey Records.