Stockholm: The Capital of Cool. It's a place that doesn't suffer fools gladly; they know what they like and they don't want anyone wasting their time. Luckily, what the Swedes like is generally pretty fantastic. That's why it's such a great choice of city to host a smaller, instantly cooler version of Sonar festival.

They've got fashion, drink and nightlife down to a pat, so why wouldn't the Swedes also have music sorted? Sweden produces the sort of artists that ooze cool from every pore, effortlessly captivating rooms while swigging on their real cool beers. Look, they're just cool, OK? Here are five of the best Swedish artists playing Sonar Stockholm you'd be very un-cool to miss out on.

Sónar Stockholm takes place 13-14th February. For more information, head here.


2014 was the year DNKL really hit the blogosphere. Plenty of buzz has been surrounding the Swedish trio, who create haunting electronic pop tunes ala M83, going in to 2015 and it's well earned. With whispy vocals that float between the brooding melodies, DNKL are a masterclass in nocturnal electronic pop.


When you're living in a house full of music ranging from traditional Middle Easter tunes to hip-hop, it's fair to say your own musical output is going to be a real interesting blend. For Zhala Rifat this is exactly the case. Her unusual art pop has even caught the eye of Robyn, who signed her to Konichiwa Records in 2014. If that's not a sign of approval, what is?

Roll The Dice

Peder Mannerfelt (a former member of Fever Ray's live band) and Malcolm Pardon shared a studio space for five years before deciding to start making music together. Working under strict rules, the duo creates stirring, epic soundscapes that bristle with energy and tension.


Ellinor Olovsdotter, aka Elliphant, released a track called 'Music Is Life' and it's an ethos that she lives by. She's someone who lives and breathes music, whether it's going to a club, making it or even travelling to other countries to experience it. The Swedish MIA circa Arula, Elliphant is hard to pin down but is utterly fascinating nonetheless.


If you were to walk into any club in Stockholm, you're more than likely to find DJ duo Y+M behind the decks. Known for their infamous sets packed full of house, acid and gritty techno, they're sure to light the place ablaze.