There couldn't be a name more appropriate than ‘Honey Cocaine' for a rapper as sweetly addictive as Sochitta Sal, the nineteen-year-old Cambodian rapper from Toronto. Building a slow but steady name for herself through appearances on tracks with Teyana Taylor and Tyga, Honey Cocaine has dripped her way into hip hop consciousness with a tantalising swagger, filtering an industrial strength attitude through an overtly childish, coaxing tone of voice.

Fuck Yo Feelings Vol. 1 is a hit-and-miss experience. When she hits, Honey Cocaine is an intense, buzzing sugar rush; on ‘Yo Own Thang’ her aggressive grunts jut out from a backdrop of breathy gasps and finger clicks, while ‘Too Pussy To’ bounces a giggly, infectious flow against excitable beats. These disparate and diverse moments prove that her talent comes in a delicious assortment of sounds, and leaves the listener knowing there’s so much more to hear from this rising star.

When she misses, Honey Cocaine suffers from her reliance on under-polished, over-explicit moments of misplaced confidence. The amount of swearing on this mixtape, particularly in song titles and hooks, really undermines its greatness – not because it’s shocking, but because it seems like she’s better than this limited collection of curse words. Honey Cocaine has the flow, the attitude and the voice that make her compulsive listening; if she can expand her vocabulary in Vol. 2, she’ll be unstoppable.