At the tail end of last year Hookworms released 'Negative Space', an epic fiery rock song that easily among their best yet, and promised a lot from their forthcoming album Microshift. Expectations for that album have now increased further with the release of 'Static Resistance', a song that doubles down on the headlong space-kraut energy that seems to be fueling them on this release.

While one of the main refrains of 'Static Resistance' is "facing down, I'm feeling awful," the track's unstoppable passage would suggest anything but, as they push on through on waves of synths and driving guitars.

The band says of the song: "“Static Resistance is the oldest track on the album, we wrote and recorded the first version of it early 2015, not very long after The Hum had been released. It's one of only two pre-flood songs on the record. It’s a song about the wax and wane of depression and an eternal want to escape the life you’ve built.”

Listen to 'Static Resistance' below.

Hookworms' new album Microshift comes out February 2nd on Domino.