Ahead of their show at XOYO tonight as part of the Curated by Lyle & Scott series, we caught up with Noel Heroux from Hooray For Earth for a quick chat about their album, Dovecote, touring, Daytrotter, collaborations and their future plans.

True loves is an enjoyable album. How do you feel about it and the reception it got?

Things have been great. Just very happy people are hearing the record. I'm very anxious to get working on a new album.

There's quite a few fellow reviewers that think you have your influences clearly rooted in the 80s. Straight from the horse's mouth, which ones do you think are your real influences?

I never consider specific bands a direct influence, but my mom listened to a lot of Tears For Fears and whatnot back in the day and I think that all of that worked its way into the back of my mind. Roxy Music, etc.

Would you like to comment a bit on the history behind the 'True Loves' video?

We found a director that we loved and just asked them if they wanted to work on a video, we gave them full creative control and that was pretty much it. They were great.

How's life in Dovecote Records? Any other bands you'd like to suggest to us?

Dovecote have been wonderful. Other bands? My favourites are Bear In Heaven and Zambri.

Looking back at 2008's Cellphone, what would've you've done different back then that you're doing currently?

I hardly consider that to be Hooray For Earth in the same regard. I was in a much different place. If anything I just wouldn't have put it out, I wasn't ready to be releasing music yet.

How was your recent experience with Cymbals Eat Guitars? Sounds like a dreamy line-up!

Oh man we loved them. They were the best tour mates, we loved being out with them. It was five weeks and really could've been difficult, but we loved seeing them play every night and going camping and just generally goofing around.

Enjoyed your Daytrotter session, especially 'Form'. What do you think of what they are doing? Would you do another one any time soon?

Thanks, yeah wed love to go back to Daytrotter. It was pretty early-on for us at that point, when we first started touring. I think 'Form' is probably my favourite of the older tracks.

I've really enjoyed your remix of Zambri's 'Heather'? Any plans to do more collaborations with them? I really fell in love with Glossolalia.

Glad to hear it! They've got a full-length coming out early 2012. We'll definitely continue to collaborate.

What can you tell us about Dpony? Why did you choose VHS for the video format?

Dpony is just an easy-going thing among myself and some friends - Seth the drummer and I have played together forever, he's also drumming in Zambri. Josh recorded the Hooray For Earth EP and Johnny has been our main man on visual collabs for a while - the Dpony record was long on its way and I think we'll continue popping off records frequently now. Johnny and I talked about doing a VHS music/video release for a long time, we figured it would be nice for anyone who wanted to own a physical copy to have something a bit more special.

Obligatory question: what's the big plan for 2012?

Do a second record, do a million things.

Hooray For Earth play London's XOYO tonight as part of the Curated by Lyle & Scott series. For more info and tickets please visit http://www.lyleandscott.com/cbls