Hop Along have been toiling around in the East Coast indie/emo scene for a number of years, but they sprung onto a bigger stage with the release of their album Painted Shut in 2016, with which they conquered the hearts of a whole new slew of fans.

They seem set to continue this upward trajectory if their new single 'How Simple' is any indication. An apt title for any Hop Along song, 'How Simple' is the perfect distillation of what the band does so well: writing sprightly, melodically rich pop-rock songs, but with a lining of regret and frustration, provided by the inimitable Frances Quinlan in both her voice and lyrics. When she sings repeatedly "Don't worry, we'll both find out - but not together," repeatedly towards the song's conclusion, you feel the weight and solace in that simple statement - meant as reassurance but carrying a much heavier load.

About the song's genesis and inspiration, Quinlan acutely says “People romanticise the idea of finding themselves, but when they do, at least in my experience, it can be really difficult. You see how you fail others and how others fail you.”

Listen to 'How Simple' below.

'How Simple' comes from Hop Along's newly announced album Bark Your Head Off, Dog, which will see release on April 6th through Saddle Creek; pre-order here.