Following on from two heart-rending singles in the shape of 'How Simple' and 'Not Abel', Hop Along continue to make us tear up with the beautiful new track 'Prior Things'.

Set to be the closing track on their upcoming album Bark Your Head Off, Dog, 'Prior Things' is a bittersweet send-off from the album, but it's not one of satisfaction, but in fact the opposite. Over see-sawing violins and propulsive drumming, Frances Quinlan unravels a tale of longing, brought to a piercing peak in the simplistic chorus "why don't I try to make you mine?/ why don't I back you up against this moment?" Unfortunately, she doesn't, and instead stands idly by as life slips past her. It's a feeling that's rendered perfectly in her voice and Hop Along's newfound knack for killer arrangements.

Hop Along's Bark Your Head Off, Dog comes out through Saddle Creek on April 6th.