Alexis Taylor will release his second album of solo material, Await Barbarians, via Domino on June 19th.

The Hot Chip frontman has always done a great job of differentiating himself with his own material, seeming a little tired of pop, and this album's first single, 'Elvis Has Left the Building', is no exception. It's a slow, fragile and ponderous song on which Taylor gives his thoughts on Bob Dylan's gospel period and the sad fate of Whitney Houston.

Stream the track and see the album's tracklist below.

  • 01. Lazy Bones
  • 02. From The Halfway Line
  • 03. Without A Crutch (2)
  • 04. Immune System
  • 05. Dolly and Porter
  • 06. Closer To The Elderly
  • 07. Elvis Has Left The Building
  • 08. Piano Ducks
  • 09. New Hours
  • 10. Where Would I Be?
  • 11. Am I Not A Soldier?
  • 12. Without A Crutch (1)

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