Back last year I had the privilege of reviewing Hotline Miami, one of the most original, visceral and rewarding experiences I've played in a longtime. Thankfully Devolver Digital have announced they are publishing a sequel in the form of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

The sequel is due out for later this year and will be available for PC, MAC OS X and Linux. The game will see a continuation of the events of the last game with you taking control of several new characters with their stories intersecting.

Much of the violence left in the wake of the original protagonist of the first game has spawned new factions and followers in the search of more violence. A form of hero worship of the 1st game's protagonist has also formed (how delightfully 'Batman' of them). The gameplay will remain largely the same, but we can expect to see a swath of new sprites, animations and areas to explore. This sequel will also supposedly be the 'finale' in the series.

Between this game and the new Shadow Warrior in development, Devolver Digital are becoming one of my favourite publishers, and they're well worth keeping an eye on.