Houghton Festival's 2017 debut was praised as one of the most innovative and compelling in years; immersive soundsystems, extended DJ sets, and a fanatical devotion to "the experience" of a festival, with the music imbuing art and sculpture exhibitions, and its unique license affording music to play through sunrise to sunset and reversed.

The legendary DJ Craig Richards comments "By presenting music, art and a promised experience in an honest and restrained way meant those four days in Norfolk last year were not only magical but they were believable. The setting proved to be nothing but perfect. Our aim is to build on the foundations of last year's success, but instead of growing we're sticking to the story with minor improvements and a strong belief in the initial concept. Artists, DJ's and musicians will be presented with meritocracy and equality. Everyone who performs will be given a chance to shine and everyone who attends will be treated to the best of everything."

The line-up so far includes Ben UFO; Midland; Objekt; Seth Troxler; Call Super; Ricardo Villalobos; and Margaret Dygas. Looks set to be a belter folks.

Tickets can be bought here.