If you need something bittersweet and beautiful to listen, you might want to give ‘Falling’ by New York collective House of Feelings a bit of ear time.

Over their last few singles, House of Feelings have carefully fleshed out a New York-centric soundworld where the spirit of '80s garage house, disco, and early 2000s post-punk dovetail together into modern day dance music for relatably stressed-out modern people. ‘Falling’ is this aesthetic and set of associated feelings in top form. No small part of that comes from a beautiful duet performance from House of Feelings bandleader Matty Fasano and Los Vegas/songwriter Shamir, all aptly supported by a bleepy backing groove House of Feelings crafted specifically with this in mind.

Shamir, an artist who first came to our ears through the remarkable Northtown disco house EP in 2014, announced ‘Falling’s arrival with the tweet: “I did one last disco song with @mattyfasano lol.” Based on the introspective lo-fi soul sound of his self-released second album Hope, ‘Falling’ may represent the end of one music era for him. Simultaneously, it serves as a crucial step before the release of House of Feelings Last Chance EP through Infinite Best. As one door closes, another door opens. Well, it’s not exactly that straight forward, but I suspect you get what I mean.

Last Chance is due for release August 11 through Infinite Best (pre-order here).