New York-based collective House of Feelings are a weekly radio show and a roving dance party, but when they aren't throwing down mixes, conducting interviews or putting on jamming parties, they make music as well. 'Hurt Me' definitely isn't their first single, but it is their first single with indie label Infinite Best, and points the way towards a forthcoming new EP, due for release in July.

For comparison, 'Hurt Me' recalls and builds on the direction they explored last year on their Dale Eisinger (of Yvette) produced single 'Avatar' (feat MTV News anchor Meredith Graves). As such, with Dale back in the production chair, it's an exercise in sampled and looped saxophone (provided by HOF fearless leader Matty Fasano, or as I call him, Summer Matty), mechanical assembly line drum programming and a classic Detroit techno informed bassline. Over the top, critically-loved singer and composer GABI turns in a slick refrain that inverts the fundamental cowardice of shady nightclub predators the world over.

You can listen to 'Hurt Me' below. House of Feelings have a show coming up in New York on the 15th of April, click through for more details here.