New York songwriter and producer Matty Fasano’s House of Feelings collective manifests in a multitude of forms. It’s a live dance music band and a club night, but it’s also been an online radio show broadcast through Newtown Radio. Perhaps more importantly though, House of Feelings is about stolen moments, life as it happens outside of work. It’s the idea that what you do doesn’t define you, what you enjoy or care about does. And how better to musically articulate these feelings through then the after hours formats of disco and house.

In August, House of Feelings released their first full-length album New Lows through Joyful Noise Recordings’ White Label Series. To keep the party going, they’ve just dropped a Claire Siebers directed/produced video for album cut ‘Body’ featuring singer Denitia Odigie. Filmed at House of Feelings second home, Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right (where they held a DJ residency for a year and a half), Odigie’s visual hones in the pleasures that can be found in those stolen moments when you’re just living, not desperately pursuing professional goals. Set against ‘Body’s buoyant bounce, carefree shuffle, and nostalgic bubbling synths, Odigie’s easy breezy vocals and languid raps triangulate a sweet spot between classic RnB, 90s diva house, and dream pop. Our lives are happening all around us, and we’d be well advised not to miss out.

You can stream/purchase New Lows via bandcamp here.