As we draw closer to the August 11th release of their EP Last Chance through Infinite Best, New York-based band, radio show and roving dance party House of Feelings have unveiled a new single. Produced by Dale Eisinger (of Yvette) Featuring sultry and astute guest vocals from freelance film & music writer Kristen Yoonsoo Kim, 'It'll Cost You' is House of Feelings meditation on life during late capitalism.

Stylistically building on the disco, post-punk, house and techno-informed soundworlds of their previous singles 'Avatar' (feat. Meredith Graves) and 'Hurt Me' (feat. GABI), 'It'll Cost You' continues House of Feelings ongoing tradition of sharing the spotlight with strong and distinctive guest vocalists. They've long tackled the pressures and anxieties of life in New York while honing in on the euphoric possibilities offered by dance music culture, and still keeping one eye on the dangers of nightclubbing often partially obscured by the potential of that golden night out. In these senses, 'It'll Cost You' is House of Feelings in signature form.

After Last Chance comes out in August, we'll have the opportunity to get our heads (and ears) around the full story they're trying to tell us right now. Expect unmitigated fun, hard truths, early morning introspection, and fractured memories of those perfect after midnight moments when the dancefloor feels like the only place in the world.

You can preorder Last Chance in digital and vinyl formats here.