Maxo Kream sure has come a long way. When Maxo 187 dropped in 2015, some quickly hopped on board, but plenty more were resistant, writing the kid off for inspirations clearly showing.

Punken completely changed all that. Not only had Kream grown in to his own over a few short years, while linking up with hyped faces of the moment including 03 Greedo, but he proved himself a truly adept storyteller, with the likes of 'Grannies' painting as vivid a picture of growing up in a precarious world to be found this side of good kid, m.A.A.d city.

Some drama stemming from associates while shooting a music video for a feature might have kept Kream away from the studio for a minute, but he's back and better than ever.

'Meet Again' directly addresses a close comrade in for a long prison bid, also delving into a nuanced reflection on crime and the burden it comes with, the tune carrying just the emotional weight you'd expect.

Kream himself reflects on the track, "The judicial system and the prisons work against the black community in so many ways and really needs to be reformed. So this is a song of solidarity to all my brothers and sisters who are locked up. It's a message to keep strong and let them know there's people on the outside who are thinking about them and looking out for their families."

The beat begins by filtering in Kream's own voice, creating an almost experimental, eerie soundscape, before easing in to the meat of the song, expanding its palette into swelling, mournful groove. In short, this is a damn good one, and we can only hope for more from Kream soon.