Lil Poopy

Childhood stardom seldom churns out positive results and the latest in a long line of evidential cases comes from French Montana's nine-year-old Lil Poopy. The Coke Boys protégé known best for his Coke Ain't a Bad Word mixtape this week got caught up with the law as CNN confirmed that the Massachusetts child welfare services have launched an investigation into whether the kid (real name Luie Rivera Jr) is being mistreated.

Check out his latest video and judge for yourself…

Bowie’s Back

Talking of childhood stars, some just don’t seem to ever go away and this week saw the return of the iconic David Bowie with his music video for 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)'. To celebrate his return, American artist E.V. Svetova has made some pretty creepy lifelike dolls (see above).

Goats 'R' Us

As goats-that-sound-like-humans fever rips across the world wide web, the good folks over at BuzzFeed have compiled a 23-strong list of the very best the world of goat remixes has to offer. Highlights include:

And of course the song that starting it all off:

Fruity Loops

When you think of it, the world of technology is filled with fruit and vegetables so why not use the actual thing to hook up to a keyboard and do a cover of say, I don’t know, Massive Attack's 'Teardrop'. Well that was what Brooklyn-based musician j.viewz decided to do with breathtaking results:


How Bizarre…

PS. Did you know…

Roy Orbison's trademark look came about when he misplaced his regular glasses one day and had to rely on a pair of prescription sun-glasses