Techno Viking Sues

Arguably one of the greatest videos ever to go viral during the early days of a little site called Youtube, The Techno Viking has decided to sue the artist who filmed it back in 2000 for reasons unbeknown to us at HWBZRE. What does really matter though is that this piece of news gives us (and now you) a chance to bask in what has to be some of the most empathic dance moves ever known to man:

Kanye West Wing

The internet is full of wonderful things and every now and then, one can stumble across sites so great that they almost explode. This happened last night when I discovered this ingenious tumblr:

Also see the Kanye Wes tumblr for similar results.

Google Autocompletes

The good folks down at Aux have just compiled a list of the best musically related Google auto-completes that include some absolute gems, including:

Snd of course, a question we all find ourselves pondering at some point:

How Bizarre…

PS. Did you know…

Contrary to popular belief, David Bowie's eyes aren't actually two different colours. The truth is that one pupil has been permanently enlarged ever since he got punched in the face at school