A new feature here on the 405, 'How Bizarre' (a tribute to OMC's 1996 classic) will bring you the very weirdest news stories from the music world.

Bieber Barfs

To get us started, it's the world's least favorite Canadian Justin Bieber, who this week gave his fans in Arizona a little more than they bargained in the form of his own bodily fluids (no, not that kind). Mid-way through his performance, Bieber proceeded to bend over and barf and to the to the astonishment of many in the crowd, continue to sing simultaneously, even when running off stage like a little girl.

The vomtastic event has been perfectly captured by Taiwanese animated news station NMA TV:

Beernaked Ladies

Fellow Canadians Barenaked Ladies have this week announced their plans to endorse a pricey 11% chocolate imperial stout made by the Flying Monkeys brewery, aplty named BNL Strong Beer. Brew boss Peter Chido has defended the $13.75 price tag to the Toronto Times by explaining: "There are about four times as much of each ingredient as there are in our other beers."

Sexual Healing

Moving on to Kesha Rose Sebert (aka Ke$ha), who this week told Ryan Seacrest that the inspiration for her new song ‘Supernatural' came from: "having sexy time with a ghost." The songstress then went on to explain how her romance with the incubus was much more than just a one-night stand: "I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don't know his name! He was a ghost!"

Machine Gun Kelly offends Microsoft

This week, Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly was invited to perform at The Source's party, which took place at Microsoft's Atlanta branch. Soon after, Mr Kelly was forcefully removed by the Police after proclaiming something along the lines of: "Suck my dick! Fuck these computers and shit! Let's gang bang these hoes!"

Bill Murray's Black Hole

Finally, Boston metal heads Give Zombies The Vote premiered their latest music video for single 'Black Hole' with a special appearance from Bill Murray (the cat) alongside a questionably sober front man; Shaun Callaghan.

How Bizarre…

PS. Did you know

Hip-hop producer Dr Dre (born Andre Young) was once a decorated diver in his school swimming team. And ancient goth rocker Alice Cooper is a keen golfer with an impressive handicap of only three.