DMX goes all Christmas

With Christmas just round the corner (if a corner is almost three weeks), New York rapper DMX has decided to donate his trademark canine outbursts to a rendition of a famous Christmas song. Watch below as DMX barks his way through a strangely endearing rendition of 'Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer':

Snoop Loves the Chronic

Taking up rightful throne at HWBZRE this week, Snoop Lion gave some indication into why he features so regularly on a feature that highlights the weirdest going-ons in the world of music. Whilst on Reddit, Snoop was asked how many 'blunts' he smokes a week, to which he replied: "81 blunts a day x 7". This works out at 29,565 per annum.

Living Social's Best Ever Deal?

For anyone who lives in or near Washington DC, we here at HWBZRE feel we should make you aware of possibly the best deal in Living Social history. For only $99, you can enjoy a two-hour hands-on cooking course with legendary rapper/comedian/beatboxer/TV star Biz Markie.

A Special Quilt

The death of Frank Zappa 19 years ago was one that shook the music world to its very core. His talent was undeniable as were his slightly strange tendencies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the commissioning of a now infamous 'bra and pantie quilt' from unwashed lingerie that he received on-stage during his Tinsletown Rebellion tour in 1981 (see above).

How Bizarre…

PS. Did you know…

Kiss' Ace Frehley once revealed, "Every time I ever record a lead vocal, I've had to do it on my back. If I stand up and try to sing, I can't hit the notes."