Lights, Lights Baby

The world of celebrity endorsements is a weird and wonderful place that this week saw its newest member, Vanilla Ice, present the world with his very own line of chandeliers. Choosing the highly prestigious Fort Lauderdale Boat Show as his stage, Ice got excitement high with a video diary of the big launch which included Ice posing with his own cardboard cut-out (as one does) and him serenading Eric, the employee on a baby grand:

Frostbite Baby

Falling asleep outside at a stag party (or any party for that matter) is a pretty common mishap that most people face at some point in their life. Generally, one escapes relatively unscathed unless you happen to be Serbian guitar virtuoso Alexey Zimakov who this week learnt that in places such as his hometown, Tomsk (where temperatures reach as low as -44°C); falling asleep outside can be disastrous. As a result, one of the world's greatest guitar talents had to have all his fingers (not thumbs) amputated due to frostbite. Pretty tragic really… but also very bizarre.

Shaved Head Baby

Japanese musicians can often take bizarre to a whole other level and it comes as some surprise that Japanese artists don’t feature more here at HWBZRE. In an effort to change our ways, we sought out and found a truly odd collective in the form of Japanese girl group AKB48, whose endeavors have seen them surrounded by controversy over the last few years (With that said, it hasn't stopped the 88-member group selling over 20 million records). The latest of these happened when founding member Minami Minegishi was found to have broken the golden 'no dating' rule and, in an act of contrition, shaved her head:

Dance, Dance Baby

Probably not the most light-hearted HWBZRE ever; lost fingers, shaved heads etc. So, to brighten up your Friday, check out Ryan the 12-year-old dubstepping kid:

How Bizarre…

PS. Did you know…

Monaco's Orchestra is bigger than its army