BBC Radio 1 have announced they are (finally) launching an internet channel, in association with BBC iPlayer, on 10th November. With webcams already in studios so you can watch what DJs do whilst songs are playing or whatever the purpose is (public CCTV), employing former YouTubers Dan and Phil, as well as casting a whole plethora of vloggers recently, it's part of a drive to BE MORE YOUNG. OMG FFS YOLO BBC (yes I know).

But you can't be more young when the BBC itself reports on the news of the vloggers – including Zoella, for instance – joining with the headline "New youth presenters for Radio 1" – this isn't the '70s. What the hell is a presenter? Can you eat them?

BBC Radio 1 is basically a try-hard. A kind of non-hip dad, who gets onto things too late and is so entrenched in its antique standing – i.e. that it's tied to the publicly-funded, oldest-broadcasting-company-ever, BBC – that it cannot, as a whole, break out and do something very different. It's run by a trust of people who are former-thises and former-thats but not-currently-anythings – which is totally relevant. They're just getting online now where, I dunno, things like Vice News have been out there doing online-only stuff for a while.

Basically I find it difficult to understand how the BBC can be run by a Royal Charter, which appoints the BBC Trust and its members who decide on new services (you don't get to choose them, which is nice democracy eh) and that be ok, when if you hear about any media or news outlet in faraway lands being meddled with by the government you're like "omg dictatorship hello" – so perhaps think about that for a second.

However, they did just rescore the soundtrack to Drive, so... can't be all bad.