When it comes to the world of entertainment the film industry is a key player, churning out many huge blockbusters every year and generating billions in profits thanks to global box office. Of course, the United States will always be at the forefront of the movie industry and has been for decades. However, over recent years the British film industry has enjoyed increasing levels of success, with a range of British movies becoming big hits in countries around the world.

The US film industry has always led the way, and every year the US churns out blockbuster after blockbuster. These are often huge hits at the box office and generate huge amounts of money around the globe. These are the sort of movies that get nominated for awards, as will be the case at the Oscars 2014. However, British movies have managed to hold their own over the past decade, with British comedies and horrors doing particularly well at global box offices.

Ratings on movies

One stark difference when it comes to the UK and US film industries is the ratings on movies. As most people know, when films are shown in the UK they come with a rating to provide information on the age group it is suitable for, such as PG, 12, 15, or 18. This is a useful guide for parents who are thinking of taking their family to the cinema to see kids films. It also ensures that kids don’t end up watching age inappropriate content. These ratings are put into place by the British Board of Film Classification.

In the USA on the other hand, there does not have to be a rating, as the whole system in the United States is actually voluntary. While most movie producers and distributors do actually apply for a rating for the movie, probably due to a sense of responsibility, they are not obligated to do so.

Popularity of films in the US and UK

Both the US and the UK are nations of movie lovers, and many of us love nothing more than a night out at the pictures to catch a flick. Of course, cinema attendance has changed a lot in both the US and UK over the years. In decades gone by, cinema was one of very few forms of entertainment, which helped to boost attendance figures. However, both countries now have access to alternative means of entertainment, such as gaming consoles, Blu Ray, and large TVs in our homes, all of which have given consumers far more choice.

Having said that, cinema attendance is still pretty impressive in the UK, with the Film Distributor’s Association showing a UK attendance increase of around one million between the first part of 2012 compared to the previous year. However, on a per capita basis, more people go to the cinema in the United States.

Influence of the US on the UK

It is clear that the US continues to have an impact on movie entertainment in the UK. While the UK has come a long way when it comes to the film industry, we often still look towards the US, not only to produce some of the year’s most popular blockbusters, but also to provide an insight into which movies we should spend our money on seeing at the cinema.