How far would you go for love? - The catch-phrase question that’s tied itself into the new release of the PS3 game Heavy Rain. But it’s also the title of a new short film directed by American playwright Neil LaBute and being shown at Notting Hill’s Electric cinema in London The film asks its title question to many well respected artists and film industry people that frankly I've never heard of. And although the topic of the short was supposedly about Heavy Rain, I'm not 100% sure that the people being interviewed knew that. The film includes thoughts from the likes of Hollywood greats such as Samuel L Jackson to Nicholas Hoult (the kid from Skins and About a Boy), Ben Chaplin of Dorian Gray and Me and Orson Welles fame and the games very own writer and director David Cage. There's really not much to write home about in terms of the film itself. It's nice for what it is and its message holds a certain amount of merit to it that will certainly have you questioning yourself whilst watching. But this theme isn't anything new nor is it something that you wouldn't have already seen in a million films before. Perhaps if the film were to engage its viewers, by giving us the thoughts and stories of those who are actually recognizable in the public eye we'd have an easier time connecting with the premiss of the film itself. I hear what you're saying, it should be entertaining regardless of whether those that are in the film are famous or not, right? Well call me stupid, but as I already mentioned I had no idea who most of the people interviewed in this film were, so I've seen both sides of the coin and the outcome doesn't differ or get any better for that matter. Everyone loves Samuel L Jackson though, so we wouldn't be surprised if you just skipped to the parts that he's in, which sadly isn't many. You can check out the full video of How Far Would You Go For Love below.