Following the release of their debut EP We Prefer It In The Dark last autumn, Bat and Ball are back with their single, 'Stops My Mouth', which is out today. Seeing as we like the song so much, we thought it would be worth finding out how it all came together.

Here's what they had to say:

We wanted 'Stops My Mouth' to be an 'immediate' song that would connect with listeners instantaneously with its groove and its melody. But we wanted it to be a song that would repay repeated listening, so the lyrics are darker and deeper than the surface of the song would suggest.

It began with some chords and fragmented lyrics, which, in true Bat and Ball style, were passed between Abi and Chris. Then the song went on its own unorthodox journey- neither siblings really revealing what their lyrics meant. We like the effect of lyrics sitting there, with all their possibilities of meaning. We believe it's not helpful to pin them down with explanation, so the lyrics took many turns in this process. The verses sort of focus those possibilities: there's a pain and venom in the first verse and the second has a real pathos. The refrain, 'Your name stops my mouth,' is really open to interpretation. People might wonder whether the song is a personal confession, or a story. We always intended the song to have this uncertainty.

The sound of the track was developed through haphazard demos. We created these in the 'Elephlat', our cosy living room space filled with musical toys and gadgets. We used a Roland 606 to get the basic drum sounds and got the bass sound through an Orange micro amp, laced with effects and delays. Each member of the band put their own unique stamp to the track. Rototoms and tambourines were used to decorate the rhythm section, whilst the lead guitar added colour and dynamic to the chorus.

The whole process was wonderfully creative and fluid. The hardest part was naming the song. We argued about the name for ages until something stuck in our mouths. 'Stops My Mouth' definitely rolls of the tongue.

'Stops My Mouth' is out today (Monday April 28th) via Kissability/ Hospital Samples. They play a show at The Shacklewell Arms in London tonight (tickets available from here) .