Holy Moses a true and real stat, 1 out of 15 workers in the United States hold down a job driving a truck. It may sound easy to you, driving from A to B and back to A again – but it’s really not that easy nor that simple. First thoughts are good ones; no sitting in front of a computer all day, no music on repeat that your desk neighbor just must, must hear 16 times before lunch. Changing scenery, the free life of the open road ahead. Is it all that bad?

Well, lf you are a fan of the green stuff, it might be. You won’t really know what you are making in a year until the end of the year – this is because drivers are paid per mile, most of the time, some still get paid hourly but this screws them if they are forced to drive longer routes.

Time on the road means no time at home. So, if you have a family that you like and want to know you will be spending a decent amount of time away from them. But “Knights of the Road” got to do what they got to do.

Not a morning person? Too bad, days start really early.

Let’s not forget the advantages!

In this fickle, every changing world we live in, job security is a big deal. The great thing about getting into this industry is that your job will be secure. As long as there are products to consume there will be a need for truck drivers. You are safe in that big comfortable seat.

This is a job that understands the need for flexibility. Some companies have even got it more right in that they understand the need for company allowing pets and family members are on trips as well.

What to do you do with all that time?

You have got to love your own company, 20 hours a day, you and Katy Perry and Neil Diamond traveling 500 miles a day, together… craziness.

How much Katy Perry is too much?

You have the job, you are now a tourist of the open road, a free agent of the world, an explorer of the highways, a professional truck driver. So, pro have you yet figured out all of the great music an explorer such as yourself should be enlightening their brain with mid drive. Well we did, here you go and you are welcome - music tips for professional truck drivers (that’s you). You could also listen to podcasts and audio books.

Time well spent. And you get paid for it.

Enjoy the open road and the great music that will accompany the beautiful scenery.