It's said that nothing from the Internet truly gets deleted. For Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, that couldn't be more true. He probably doesn't know it, but his old Tumblr that he created is still active and still working.

About a year ago or so, I found that he had an old Tumblr called, "" Now I wasn’t sure if this was his actual Tumblr until I saw a Twitter account tweet about it and this account being followed by The Weeknd and The Weeknd Bible, the hub for the entire XO community, I then knew it was his. Now inside his Tumblr blog are various reposts of pictures, movies, songs, things that he clearly enjoyed. Like anybody else's Tumblr. But if you dig a little bit deeper inside his Tumblr, and you go through the pages, there lies an incredible music story in the making.

Because on November 16, 2009, when The Weeknd was still Abel Tesfaye, he blogged about Daft Punk on his Tumblr. He talked about how incredible they are. How they are one of the greatest acts ever. He even said on his Tumblr page that "The first two (Daft Punk) albums are among the best electronic albums of all time."

Now fast forward nearly a year after he made that post on his Tumblr, in December of 2010, he uploads the three songs 'What You Need', 'Loft Music', and 'The Morning' to his YouTube under the name that you know him as now, "The Weeknd", and begins his descent into the music world. The same world that Daft Punk resides.

Then on September 22, 2016, nearly eight years after blogging about Daft Punk and roughly six years into his career as an artist, The Weeknd announces a new album called Starboy - hours later drops the title track 'Starboy' featuring Daft Punk. A dream come true for the person who once blogged about them as a fan. The incredible thing about this, beyond the Tumblr connection, is that, if you dive into Daft Punk's discography, this was the first time ever that Daft Punk were the featured artist on a song.

In the nearly eight years since blogging about Daft Punk and the roughly six years into his career as a singer, it's clear that The Weeknd's admiration of Daft Punk never waned. In that time frame, The Weeknd created The Trilogy, Kiss Land and Beauty Behind The Madness. He's become a superstar and is becoming all the things he idolized on this Tumblr page, like Michael Jackson. And on a final note, it's truly remarkable that a kid from Toronto, the place where I'm from, went from blogging about Daft Punk to giving them their first number one record in the US.