This is apparently the 6th time that LuckyMe have been offering up free music in this advent calendar format. Some may wonder: What's LuckyMe? LuckyMe (I've definitely typed it too many times too quickly now) is an international label / collective with its origins in Glasgow. They accompany each track upload with the following description:

Celebrating the 6th year of our acclaimed Advent Calendar; we usher in 2015 with a free download every day until the 25th December - producing a vast compilation of rarities, alternate versions, and brand new exclusives that span the sound of the LuckyMe family.

This year we dedicate the calendar to the memory of our friend Robbie Cooper who passed away in April. The drummer for Laeto & American Men alongside Claude Speeed and Steven Shade (Sevendeaths), Robbie is very greatly missed. This calendar is of course free to all - but if you appreciate the music we’ve included the option to donate on our site. Every penny will be paid to Robbie’s chosen charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Sunday's track was particularly incredible. It's by How To Dress Well and it's called 'Tomb For Anatole', which is taken "from his 2012 Total Loss sessions." Seeming to take cues from the more atmospheric side of things, it moves along in muted glittering hordes of bleepery, a delicate tide of sound, floating on which is this choral set vocals, and conjures a candlelit voyage on a still and eerie subterranean stream, rock shapes alien and irregular in the dim light; beautiful.

You can download it here.

Discovery: Go check out PC Music final boss A.G. Cook's remix of 'Repeat Pleasure' by How To Dress Well.