There's a low hum overhead.

You can't hear it at first, but your bedroom walls buckle from a suctioning force above. Loose change rattles on your dresser and posters start to flutter off the wall and swirl around your room so that, as you awaken, you're faced with A Tribe Called Quest zipping around you, starting to blur with a handful of sticker bearing the Brainfeeder logo. When you reach for your phone to check the time, you finally notice how you're levitating a few feet above your bed. The roof is gone. Look up, and you see it -the mothership - as you're slowly abducted at 3:27a.m.

Ishmael Butler is there to greet you, joined by Stas and Cat from THEESatisfaction, donned in elaborate garb, which you come to realise, signifies their royal galactic status. They all wear gold armour and white capes decorated with the Lese Majesty cover art, the lines seemingly infinite and exact. Butler raises both arms up before launching into a freeform address, sometimes erring on the side of manifesto, as you burst through the galaxy at the speed of light.

His teachings are image heavy and he sometimes rambles. He's in a trance but you notice patterns; allusions to Egyptian lore and ancient landscapes populated with hustlers speaking out both sides of their mouth and weed, the goddamn good stuff, too. Butler stops only to feed his snakes and play golden era rap or, as he refers to it, religious hymns. Floating in space and believing in a higher power, maybe even in God, to 3 Feet and Rising is spiritual in itself even without Butler's sermonic reveries.

The mothership falls out of light speed while you're unconscious in an egg-shaped sensory deprivation pod. You awaken to Butler in different armour. Cat explains you're on a rescue mission to retrieve Tendai Maraire and, before you know it, you're manning a fighter ship (which is bumping Chimurenga Renaissance's riZe vadZimu riZe) headed toward a frozen planet.

When you land, you're alone. The sharp whistle of a piercing wind causes you to move slowly toward the mouth of the cave where Maraire is said to be held. You find him trapped in a giant crystal that sits in shimmery cathedral of ice, wearing the same armour and cape as the others, and you attempt to free him using a laser on your wrist. His eyes are obscured by dark red sunglasses and he's unable to move. Somehow you don't notice a humanoid-shaped cloud sneaking behind you, about to strike with a jewel-encrusted scimitar, before Butler uses his blade to separate its body and head. The creature fizzles and evaporates into thin air.

You turn to thank Butler, realising there are dozens more creatures behind him but you're knocked out before you can do anything about it.

When you awake in your bed, blurry-eyed and shivering, images start to rush through your mind--Butler rampaging through legions of smoke-beats, Cat and Stas back to back and firing at will, Maraire in icy peril --and you vow to spend the weekend sober. As you start to calm down you notice dark red sunglasses on your bedside table. And only now are you ready to listen to Lese Majesty.

Lese Majesty is out on July 29th via Sub Pop. Stream it here, and read our review of it here.