Mancunian techno-minimalist Howes is set to drop his premier EP July 29th on Melodic. Entitled TD-W700/Leazes, it will be the first proper release from the 19-year-old who's been dabbling in the sonic arts for almost a decade already; now settling into his musical identity proper, he's weaving future-house and post-dance noises together in order to invigorate bedtime and soundtrack the immediate aftermath of a heavy night. Drawing from influences like Can and Cluster, Howes is a producer for the iPod generation, borrowing from a multitude of sources across time and blending the old with the new – his favourite method of making music is to record straight to tape and then feed it back into a computer, creating a "best of both worlds."

The lead cut from his debut is 'Leazes', a 7-minute ode to the early morning. It's easy to imagine exploring decrepit city streets; his music conjure visions of the yellow glow of streetlights, jagged, jittering shadows and twinkling skylines. It's the OST to isolation, the score for lonely explorations. It's an entrancing track, submerging you in all manner of sounds across the dance spectrum – techno beats fuse with trance pads; garage synths and electronica samples merge. Howes' music may be filled with nods to the past, but it's about as cutting edge as you're going to encounter.

Listen to 'Leazes' below.