For his new album Mansion Songs, Howlin Rain has decided to part from a major label in favor of the smaller Easy Sound Recordings. The album, which drops on 27 January, features his new single 'Big Red Moon' that you can stream below. In a press release, he said that "When I began this record, I most certainly hadn't given up, but I was in a dark and trying place," adding wanted the album to reflect a dignified despair. Often times that's what art is; elegant sorrow, pushing through despair with some kind of dignity, in search of a reasonable justification of life." Read a bit more about the making of the album below:

"I walked out of the back end of my major label run and the first 9 years in Howlin Rain with no band, no label, no foreseeable immediate move forward and a figurative suitcase full of songs, my talent, invigorated by having nothing else to lose, exhausted by the bullshit and grind of the music business, this musical life, and all it's absolute bullshit and fucked tests, cynical but not bitter. I still wanted to make more records. I wanted to track the journey from nothingness back to creation in musical form in a set of three albums and rock bottom was the perfect place to start from. There's nothing to fake down here! It's a dark and beautiful and pure cave to create something truthful from. The first album in the trilogy is Mansion Songs."

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Big Red Moon
  • 2. Meet Me In The Wheat
  • 3. Coliseum
  • 4. The New Age
  • 5. Wild Bush
  • 6. Restless
  • 7. Lucy Fairchild
  • 8. Ceiling Fan

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