Label: Independiente Link: This is a seemingly promo-only release consisting of two “club mixes” of ‘Cities Burning Down’ plus the original version of ‘Into the Chaos’, both taken from Howling Bells’ new album Radio Wars. The original ‘Cities Burning Down’ is a pulsing, metronomic, synth-led rocker which in the right hands could easily be transformed into a Ladytron-style dancefloor filler. Unfortunately the two mixes here take it in two quite different directions. The “Naum Gabo remix” sounds like the theme to one of those patronising tv shows about technology – the sort where the opening credits play over a tracking shot across a neon-lit motherboard.  The “Disco Bloodbath Effect” remix fares a little better, sounding a bit like one of Arthur Baker’s eighties productions oddly punctuated by an occasional synthesised fanfare – it takes a while to get going but improves markedly once it does.  Neither are a patch on the original or, perversely, as danceable as the unmolested ‘Into The Chaos’ which accompanies them. For what it’s worth, the album from which these tracks are taken is pretty decent.  Following on from 2006’s eponymous debut, which in its better moments tilted at Hope Sandaval fronting PJ Harvey, Radio Wars is a slightly sleeker, poppier affair.  At times it recalls Kylie’s Deconstruction years in its attempts to combine rock’s intelligence, verve and guitars with pop’s accessibility, hooks and vocals. In Kylie’s case this proved an artistic success but a commercial failure, and I suspect a similar fate awaits her compatriots.  But maybe a better analogy is Blondie, who took a couple of albums before they found the magic formula and hit paydirt with Parallel Lines  - here’s hoping that Howling Bells make a similar leap with their next release.