If this weren't real life, this could easily be a plot point for some farcical comedy about the music industry and the artists who keep it topped up with new material. But it is real life, and it's silly – it's just too silly. It's so silly, in fact, that it's fucking stupid.

Basically, Chilly Gonzales does this series called Pop Music Masterclass where he picks a pop song and pulls it apart, examining each piece. It was too much for Hozier when Gonzales took on the former's hit 'Take Me To Church', and in the course of studying the song, decided it had more than just a passing resemblance to Feist's 'How Come You Never Go There' (on which Gonzales is credited for piano).

So Hozier is suing Chilly Gonzales for defamation, reports The Sunday Times. Caroline Downey, his manager, has stated that the claims against 'Take Me To Church' are "groundless". Why start up a lawsuit, though? What is the point, apart from earning more money? Besides, isn't the publicity of this just going to make Hozier look like a bit of a dick? And why isn't Hozier just telling everybody the story of how he came up with his song instead of remaining silent yet going on the offensive straight away? All valid questions.

That episode of Pop Music Masterclass has disappeared, but you can make your own judgement based on the two songs below. They might share a few elements of rhythm and instrumentation, but generally they're... not that similar. But: be careful not to say anything in public or you might get sued.