Are you struggling today? Hit Play.

This cure to the back to work blues is provided by the incredibly handsome Hudson Scott, it's taken from the Clay EP which will be released on April 22nd should you be so inclined (and you should be so inclined).

The EP serves as a line in the sand for a musician who played in greatly underrated Oxford bands such as Youthmovies and Jonquil (but also TEED, Foals and Petite Noir) and is now looking to start afresh, stepping from the side of stage into the limelight. The way Scott creates and controls a gentle sense of euphoria in this track shows that he is ready to make the jump. He says "Whale is about lying to myself, gulping down questions and misgivings to support someone that at one point I loved, to help them through a tough patch. It's about being lost inside my head and hiding from the end." Although honestly, for me, today, it's about being lost inside my head and hiding from my boss.

Hudson Scott is playing The Waiting Room in London on the 31st of May, and The Cellar in Oxford on the 4th of June. You should go and see him play.