To celebrate the release of the split release from William and Calories, our good friends at Tough Love Records have given us a LOAD of amazing William related prizes for you to sink your teeth into! The EP see's two awesome bands coming together, creating a 4 track monster that will take over your entire body. Kinda like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers but in musical form. The record is now available for pre-order from the Tough Love shop here! and will come out on Monday 15th Jan. Even if you hated both of these bands (who could!?!?), aesthetically it's worth buying. Photobucket 1 x William/Calories - Split 7" 1 x William - "Self in Fiction" album 1 x William - "Playground" 7" 1 x William - "Five Minute Wonder" 7" 1 x William - "Slightly Delighted" mini album 1 x Tough Love T shirt Want to win all of these fabulous prizes? Well just answer this simple question! Where are William based? a) London b) San Francisco c) Dublin Send you answers to MP3: William - Lustreless Vital Info Main photo by Lucy Johnston