Human rights groups have criticised Erykah Badu over her decision to perform at the 46th birthday part of Swaziland's King Mswati III, who is seen by many as a "brutal dictator".

With human rights lawyers and journalists in jail for speaking out about the country's judicial systems, the political climate in the country is tumultuous and led Human Rights Foundation director Alex Gladstein to issue a statement saying that "[Erykah Badu] owes us all an explanation...Badu's performance for him is a slap in the face of all human rights defenders inside Swaziland and is a mockery of Badu's work inside the U.S."

Badu took to Dallas Morning News to defend her decision, stating that she was invited last minute to perform as a favour to her friend, Jacob "The Jeweler" Arabo. "The people know I was not endorsing the king or helping to further his political agenda. I have no agenda. I went into a situation not completely knowing the political climate of the kingdom. I can't be held responsible for the situation in the kingdom because I signed up as an artist, not as a political activist....It's very unfair to say my performance is an endorsement. There is no place on this planet that I would not visit. I will always take an opportunity, if invited, to go to the people wherever they are in whatever condition they are in."

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