Released: September 26th Genre: Drama Rating: R Trailer: Click here The Film - At the edge of the continent and on the margins of society is a region of California known to some as “The Lost Coast.” It is there, in Humboldt County,that Peter Hadley (Jeremy Strong) - a promising yet disillusioned medical student failed by his professor (Peter Bogdanovich) - stumbles upon a remote community of counterculture marijuana farmers and a warmly embracing, yet eccentric family played by Frances Conroy, Fairuza Balk, Chris Messina, Brad Dourif, and newcomer Madison Davenport. From directors Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, who also co-wrote the screenplay, Humboldt County is a story of the human soul in search of happiness, and the unexpected places we can sometimes call home. The Verdict - I, for one, am really looking forward to the release of this film. Humboldt County seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to the type of movie that i feel my souls been seeking for a very long time, ever since i finished watching Garden State. I told myself that i'd keep this review short because i know that there are about a million good things i could ramble and waffle on about to do with Humboldt County and the reason's why i can't see myself paying to see any other movie this year. Jeremy Strong;who may have just become my new favorite actor,embodies the character of Peter with a grade A performance,one that could've saved a shambolic The Happening (yes, i know, i can't believe it either, but he was in that!). Had anyone else of been cast in this role, i can't say i'd be so sure of the outcome. The hotness of Fairuza Balk is also a addded plus. But what i really like about the trailer, is that unlike conventional trailers where you find all the juicy innards of a film's best bits left laying in your lap, Humboldt County is at least trying to hold a little bit back from its audience, allowing them to enjoy the film when it's released without having the plot spoiled. I take my hat off to you Humboldt County!