O Future are back with a video to accompany their song, 'Smell You', which is an excellent representation of their left-field brilliance. Not that they are shy about it. The band formerly known as OOFJ has made and starred in—and earned praised for—many curious clips throughout their entire career. I noted their recent single’s sensual strangeness; the new music video translates the effect perfectly.

There is a lot of dog content out there right now, namely that Netflix series, but do any of those shows simulate synesthesia? Colors integrate into selective parts of the environment of the 'Smell You' video, highlighting their aromas, including the distinct hue of Katherine Mills Rymer’s helmet. Before she even removes the headgear, though, the video has begun its fall into chaos by giving a glimpse of the stench of death. It’s, apparently, a shade suspiciously similar to that of a deciduous forest. You see it a few more times, but the most disturbing parts of the video are easily masked by its humor. Things like milk and cheese puffs are treated like heavy stimulants, a social commentary that could earn itself a dissertation on the topic, but we’ll leave it here.

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