Here's some Hundred Waters news: they've shared a video for their track 'Innocent', taken from their album as well as a remix of the selfsame track by Illangelo.

The original is taken from their 2014 album The Moon Rang Like A Bell. The remix, however comes from an upcoming remix version of the album (due 17th February), which alongside Illangelo features remixes from the likes of Shigeto, Dirty Beaches and Plaid.

Illangelo's "Confessional" remix of 'Innocent' is a comatic reworking of the original, featuring a distressed beat and a viscous ebb and flow of white-noise-like sound – you can listen to that at the end of this post. Before that, however, is the sci-fi themed video for the original track directed by Jeremy Chaplin, in which a jellyfish-like robot (or alien) floats around an abandoned spacecraft, seeming to investigate what happened aboard the ship.

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