Few albums in recent memory capture the sensual and vivacious hedonism of the late '70s than It Takes A Lot, the debut LP from Hush Moss. The record is brimming with vibrant images and embraces the thin line between utmost sincerity and absolute camp with aplomb. That line is further blurred and hugged with the project's latest video release, a tender live performance of album closer 'In Reims.'

The video, which was filmed by Joyce Ozu, was the by-product of the band's desire to make a clip that harkened to the live videos of yesterday. "We wanted to dwell in some live action in front of the camera," explained Eden Leshem, the Berlin-based artist at the heart of Hush Moss. "[Ozu] took [bandmate] Steve and I to the bathroom, made us feel very comfortable and made sweet love to us."

Leshem, who described the general vibe of the video as a mix between "excitement and confusion," has known most of his bandmates since high school, which gives the group a cohesion not often seen by debuting bands. And with their album, not one sound seems to be out of step. Leshem attributes this largely to the hand of producer Captain Richard Beef.

"Instead of casually recording something and manipulating it later, Beef's approach is when you decide to record an instrument you make sure that it has the perfect and final feel to it," explains Leshem. "It often means using old gear he had in his studio or stuff we had to borrow or buy to use for the sounds we wanted."

With a stellar LP and enthralling video now behind them, look out for Hush Moss in a city near you in the coming months. Leshem predicts "a full European run next year."

In the meantime, check out the live clip for 'In Reims' below.