Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland released music as experimental duo Hype Williams since the late 2000s. But it looks like the pair have passed the collaborative project onto a new group of creators, giving the project new life.

Now, the new Hype Williams has announced that they'll be releasing a brand new album next month. Rainbow Edition is set for release on August 25 on Big Dada. And as a welcomed return, they've shared non-album cut 'Kathy Goes 2 Haiti.'

"The last Hype Williams recordings were for One Nation (Hippos in Tanks, 2011). After this, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland carried on recording through 2012 under their own names (while continuing to use the HW name to fulfil existing live commitments)," the new members stated in a release. "They are both no longer involved, and any Hype Williams releases you’ve since heard are FAKE. Bare Paigons. Like Cappadonna making his own Wu. We been gone for a minute, but now we’re back with the jump off. We can’t get jiggy with no hundreds and thousands or nuthin like that, we gotta get back in that M game. Wanna own the block b4 the ball drops," they said. Listen to 'Kathy Goes 2 Haiti' and find the forthcoming tracklist below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Madting
  • 2. Loud Challenge
  • 3. The Whole Lay
  • 4. Baby Blu
  • 5. Smokebox
  • 6. Rumor Report
  • 7. Puredamage
  • 8. Leimert
  • 9. #Blackcardsmatter
  • 10. Sadting
  • 11. Ask Yee
  • 12. This Is Mister Bigg. How You Doing Mister Bigg
  • 13. The Den
  • 14. Cockblocker Blues
  • 15. Sweet Chin Musik
  • 16. Pretty Young Ting
  • 17. Percy
  • 18. Spinderella’s Dream
  • 19. Situations
  • 20. Kandy