Hypno-tropicalia isn't a genre mash you've likely heard before, but such is the idiosyncrasy of Hong Kong-based band Blood Wine or Honey's sound that these kind of clumsy combinations are necessary. For newcomers to this trio, their new single and the lead-off title track from their debut album, 'Fear & Celebration', will give you a good idea of the kind of nuts and undeniably infectious sound these guys have created.

Across 7 minutes of funk-inflected rhythmic joy, Blood Wine Or Honey mix in layers of horns, bells, synthesizers and gang vocals, truly giving you the feeling of the song's title 'Fear & Celebration'. It starts in trance-like manner, with the band intoning words like "euphoria" and the titular phrase, then they turn those words into aural accompaniments with the insertion of an insuppressible bass line that tugs the listener along by their hips, deeper into this heady fug of blissful noise. The sheer unbridled fun that these guys have bled into this song will pull you jumping and diving through its 7 minutes, wanting much more to follow.

Vocalist James Banbury sheds a little light on their fearless genre border crossing by saying “Being in Hong Kong has helped us to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around the music scene in any particular place. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re from.”

'Fear & Celebration' certainly adheres to that idea, as will the rest of the album hopefully. Check out the single below.

Fear & Celebration comes out on June 8th through Do Right! Music and can be pre-ordered here.