The music of Mirror Kisses and ESPRIT 空想 used to be two disparate things. Despite being made by the same person, the former followed retroactive footsteps to a big, emotive '80s pop sound, whilst the latter lay firmly in the realm of hazed out vaporwave. Now these two have been merged as a cohesive musicmaking entity under the real name of the man behind the music, George Clanton.

One of his freshest morsels of music to be let loose into the wilds of the world is 'It Makes The Babies Want To Cry', an oddly titled number that is the perfect example of what the last paragraph touched upon. In vaporwave style, the aesthetic is one of damage and decay, only slight, but enough to soften and mute, to cause to crackle and crunch. Synths flutter slowly over a highlighted drum machine-feeling beat, these sounds winding into your ears with an appealing alien quality, yet with a mesmeric loop on the go. But at the same time, there is pop sentiment here. Clanton's gutsy vocals boom, providing yes-I-can-sway-to-this melodies and admirable humanity amidst the swirling mechanics and distant past of the music's hypnotic tide.

It's taken from Clanton's upcoming album, 100% Electronica, set for release on 25th September via his nascent label of the same name.