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Brighton-based threesome Hypnotized don't skimp on the texture when it comes to their new EP, Telesto. The trio, who pinched their nom de plume from a Spaceman 3 ditty, disassemble psychedelic rock and electronica, rehashing the two haphazardly, in the process synthesising a kind of experimental psychtronica; it's atmospheric and worldly noise. The layers are gloopy and sinewy, like trying to peel apart a cheese toastie – everything's burr-hooked together, which creates a liquidity to the music. It's fuzzy – blow-dried Pomeranian fuzzy – and awash with hallucinogenic morsels. It's insanely easy to get lost in the sonic foliage they create.

As the EP dawns with 'Thawed', astral synth lines and lunar buzzing wrap around sampled chatter. Drumline beats instil pace, and slowly but surely, the effort becomes an all-encompassing ball of frothy, CS-gas sound. Silence is obsolete here, with every element intrinsically linked to the next. 'Ghost Walk' is mottled with future-garage hooks and whomping bass judders, and the vocals swirl and distort, sounding as if in slomo. It's utterly delirious, sounding like a cross between insufflated nutmeg and the throes of flu; neither are necessarily good things, mind.

Other than the drastic timbre shake-up of 'Hylia', which utilises Bhangra and Indian-folk instrumentation to aim for a Jagwar Ma-esque tone, the EP is a series of subtle alterations and variations on a thematic notion. It's more akin to a single, lengthy journey than a collection of songs. This isn't an inherent issue, and many bands use this premise as their modus operandi, but the EP sits too heavy in the pit of your stomach to succeed in droves. There's a drone aspect to the music on Telesto – inkeeping with the psychedelic nature of the band – but there's only so much experimental electronic drone-psych one can handle at a time, and a prolonged influx of aural artillery is probably too much.

Ultimately, this is a flawed release. Hypnotized have crammed it so full of ideas and avante-garde tangents that there's scarcely time to compose yourself between tracks. The lack of silence and dynamic variation means that your ears can become fatigued quickly, dead to the onslaught of shoegaze/psych FX drizzling in. It's a claustrophobic EP – which some people will probably love, and indeed, it can be quite an interesting gambit at times. It is an unseen take on the genre which is rare in this guitar-based psych resurgence, so major kudos on that front, but not every experiment is perfect, and unfortunately Hypnotized have a few more kinks to iron out. When the wall-of-noise textures are used sparingly, they can achieve wild effects, but in the amounts featured on Telesto, it's like being smothered by a pillow.